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ITFS offerings for its esteemed customers include :

IT Infrastructure Modernisation

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Modernizing your data center serves as a basis for digital transformation of your business. ITFS Team has over 2 decades of experience providing customized cloud and data center solutions as a catalyst for digital transformation that leads to greater success. We determine the best-fit solutions for data center modernization that implement innovative, disruptive technology, enabling an agile data center for your organization. Improve operational efficiencies, security and user experience with data center and cloud solutions that align infrastructure with strategic goals. From private to public cloud, hybrid infrastructure solution to data center products, ITFS delivers solutions that are innovative, scalable, agile and efficient.

Services for Cloud

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Cloud Assessment, Deployment, Migration, Operations, Monitoring, Analysis; Cloud Security. BCP and DR services through Cloud

HPC in a Cloud

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Set up the HPC in a cloud in the matter for hours and not in the days. Avail the flexibility and elasticity of cloud based HPC. Run the most complex jobs and make the optimized utilization of resources in the HPC cloud . There could be Analytical or Simulation or Research related jobs . Our team can help you to deploy them and fine tune to get the optimum performance from the allocated computing power.

Network Transformation

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Move from slow, rigid networks to dynamic and nimble, secure NextGen networks that are free from hardware constraints. A nimble network is the key to a nimble business which is vital for business growth and success. Liberate your network from hardware constraints and leverage NextGen networks such as SDN (Software Defined Network) and SDWAN (Software Defined Wide Area Networking). Revolutionize how applications are accessed and used in your organization providing anytime, anywhere access across the globe, 24×7 with our network infrastructure services. Reduce your hardware and operating costs with future-ready infrastructure that is easy to manage with a central point of control and our NOC Services

Security Technology Practices

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As technology grows more advanced and sophisticated, businesses must be increasingly vigilant about safeguarding their data, devices, operations and networks from cyber security threats. With the growing sophistication of cyber-attacks, security is an increasingly challenging task that is of paramount importance for businesses of all sizes. The likelihood of experiencing a security breach continues to rise each year, so it is essential to have robust security measures for rapid response. A delay in remediating a security breach can have a high cost for an organization. ITfS can provide End point Security, Endpoint Detection Response (EDR), Managed Detection Response (MDR), Security Information and Event Management (SIEM), Deception Technology, Network Security, Content Security and Cloud security practices. Get the support for your Security concerns through our round the clock SOC Services.

Infrastructure Services Management

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Infrastructure as a managed service drives greater IT value for businesses by optimizing IT infrastructure, performance and availability while minimizing costs. This enables greater business agility so organizations can stay ahead of the game in the face of rapid changes in their business landscape. ITfS is a best-in-class technology partner Managed Service Provider (MSP), providing reliable, efficient and affordable IT infrastructure management services. Our full spectrum of Managed IT services provides robust IT infrastructure as a solid backbone for your business, and helps streamline operations to drive better business outcomes. Real-time visibility through live dashboards and smart reporting drives better decision-making. We relieve organizations of IT infrastructure management tasks so they can focus all their energy on core business and innovation. We conduct a thorough assessment to understand your organization’s entire IT infrastructure followed by a gap analysis to identify pain points. We provide the right blend of tools, technologies, people and processes to devise a custom solution that best suits your organization. In the event of a customer crisis, we follow a no rulebook policy, doing everything it takes to remedy the situation.

We consider client satisfaction and overall TCE as the top most priority coupling it with offering expert advice and cost effective solutions to our clients.


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